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The Source is a curriculum designed for the actor, artist, speaker, singer, human being, developed by Keith Raniere and headed up by Allison Mack.




I decided to take THE SOURCE because I wanted to explore how to better express myself and also how to better express the ideas my clients had. In the political and the business arena it’s not easy to communicate, because you're abiding by and you’re following many rules. But through THE SOURCE I was able to connect to what was important for me and also what is important for my clients in order to express it in a fuller fashion — and that’s why I think it’s worth it to take THE SOURCE. 



When I came to do THE SOURCE, I thought I was coming to take another acting program. I was hoping that I would gain a little bit more control and understanding on how to use my emotions as an actor. I got that…I got a lot of that — but I got so much more. I got an understanding of myself as a human being, how I work and how I can really use myself, my body, all these different tools to communicate with people both verbal and non-verbal. This helps me to not only do my job better, but to even just interact with people better. I would recommend anybody who is serious about their craft, whether it’s as an actor, musician or as a public speaker, or even anyone who wants to learn to express more, who might feel uncomfortable in their body, to come and take THE SOURCE. You will get a multitude of tools to help you, so you can feel comfortable expressing what you want to express. 



After being on the speaking circuit for only a year and a half I was named 2011 College Speaker of the Year by Campus Activities in America at the age 26.  At the time it felt sort of by chance and luck despite my good story.  After taking the SOURCE, I finally understand the mechanics of how I was so successful and have the tools to reproduce it. 

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I’ve been a musician and a performer for over 20 years. Before I took THE SOURCE, I found myself really limited in my expression. I seemed to only have 1 or 2 modes that I could operate under. I had a sense that there were things I wanted to say or that I wanted to express in a certain way and I never felt like I could quite get it out. Or I would think that I would, then I would watch myself later and realize I totally didn’t. Coming through this education I’m already seeing the results of being more expressive. I just recorded a record and even the first songs that I recorded at the beginning of the program to the ones at the end, there’s such a huge difference in my expression that I can hear very noticeably. Also, now when I’m performing and presenting in front of people I’m so much more fluid, so much more able to express whatever it is that I want and genuinely, too. For anybody who wants to be a better artist, a better performer or just wants to be a better human being I highly encourage you to come take THE SOURCE. 



I feel that I have always been confined by this shell that I had built around myself. I could feel the urge and the desire to be expressive and go out and connect with people, but I couldn’t push through whatever fears that limited me from doing that. Through taking THE SOURCE I’ve seen how I’ve started to push through the shell and I’ve found myself having a deeper experience of myself and of others by connecting with them. I see myself going into situations that I wouldn’t have before. Just on a day-to-day basis I’m having a happier experience of my own life.

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I’ve been acting for 22-years now and I was starting to feel like I had gotten stuck in my craft. At a certain level I wanted to graduate to the bigger pool, not stay in the kiddie pool. I’ve played in the big leagues before, but I really wanted to get to a place where I could stay in the big leagues and do the jobs that I wanted to do. Coming to THE SOURCE, I’ve learned a new set of tools that are going to be paramount in furthering my career. Tools that are only unique and special to the likes of Keith Raniere, who created this incredible cirriculum. I can’t wait to come back for level 2 and 3 and I really can’t wait to go back to Los Angeles and try out my new tool set. I’m super excited about this ongoing practice and how I can really further myself as an artist through the overall awareness that I’ve had in myself and in other people. I really urge you to come and do THE SOURCE for any career path, just to be more of an aware human being. 




I’ve been an actress for over 28 years. I’ve worked on film, television, theatre, web, voice-over’s; you name it, I've been there. I’ve also studied the full spectrum of methods. While I’ve found everything I have done incredibly helpful and useful, I’ve never found a curriculum more profoundly life changing than, THE SOURCE.

THE SOURCE addresses the full artist. I’ve been able to overcome the fear of being authentic no matter where I am, auditioning and just bringing forward my own ideas in a matter of weeks.

I used to walk into a room hoping I got it right. Hoping the director would approve, or the casting agent would think I was ok. Now I walk into the room with a full sense of what I want with the material I’m working on, and how I feel. My work has truly become mine! I feel like a kid in a candy store, and my career has turned from one of insecure self-doubt to playful creativity.

I have a belief in myself, and a confidence in my abilities that goes beyond measure, beyond acting, and beyond any course I have ever participated in.

THE SOURCE has changed my work — but more importantly, I’m a happier, more loving and peaceful woman. 




I don’t know if you’ve ever had the feeling that you’re not really where you want to be? Or you’re not really doing the things that you love? I’m a filmmaker, I’m a film director and editor. I wasn’t really able to connect and put out into the world the content that I wanted to do. So I came and took THE SOURCE and I got way more than I bargained for. I got to learn the real reason why I wasn’t producing the content that I wanted to produce, and for me that reason was that I was deeply afraid of feeling my emotions. With this knowledge I now have options. Now that I know that’s true, I can start doing something about it. In my mind, before this program I had no idea…I thought I was very connected and that vail really prevented me from getting more of what I wanted in my life. So if you’re really serious about discovering what’s holding you back, then this is the place to be. 

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What I found is that as I work through THE SOURCE curriculum, I’ve been able to connect more genuinely to myself and I’ve been able to peel away a bunch of the fears that run in my head while I’m trying to perform. Now having the fears out of the way, I’ve been able to just connect to all of the parts of myself, all the parts of my humanity and I can bring that up to play any role, because I can find it within me — without the fears. That’s such a powerful thing to have as an actor. I think that’s the power of this program and that’s what I’ve really loved about it. 



I’m a presenter, and a head trainer for a corporation. I’ve been training for over six years with crowds of 25 to 35 people, and I’ve always had a little bit of nerves. I’ve tried many things to get over the nervousness and the fear of the public speaking, but I never could. In the very first day of THE SOURCE, I was taught how to break through that limitation and it’s been very different ever since. Now, when I engage with the people in my trainings, I feel totally relaxed and that alone was worth the time and the money. THE SOURCE was an amazing training, I recommend it enthusiastically to all who want to take it.



Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a performer, I wanted to be an actress. But somewhere along the way I decided that was too scary and I didn’t want to be in front of the camera at all, but I still wanted to be in the film industry. So I convinced myself to go to film school instead, and I decided to be behind the camera so that I could at least be close to the industry that I wanted to be apart of. But ever since I came and took THE SOURCE, I discovered that little girl inside of that that still wants to be in front of the camera, that still wants to act. Now I’m really developing my career as a performer instead of a person who’s just behind the camera. 

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